Friday, 11 January 2013

"We are stepping down to the streets for Sowjanya on February 4 and 5." - Sowjanya's Facebook Page

Dear Campaigners,

I feel very proud to reveal here that, In what intention we had created and initiated several online campaigns ( Justice For Sowjanya) 3 months back in favor of Sowjanya are really coming into our help. I feel, now we are matured enough in our strength as well as the voice of our Facebook campaign has heard by many people including, media persons and those who lives abroad.

Yes, Its high time for us to step down to the streets, achieve the goal that we had targeted quite a long time. Realizing the facts that, nothing will go in our favor if we keep on ranting in Facebook, Twitter and write up some articles on this blog. Even though we have 6 thousand online campaigners on Facebook page "Justice For Kumari Sowjanya", its hard to make people gather at least 20% of it. But understating the ground reality of Sowjanya's mysterious death our every participating campaigners head counts and it will ultimately make our voice loud. 

So, On February 4 and 5, finally our Facebook page "Justice For Kumari Sowjanya" going out carrying some banners demanding the govt to handover the Sowjanya case to CBI. We will be associating with many other organizations who have called for the protest irrespective for their primary motto.

Its a humble request with you all that whoever comes under this page, who follows our online campaigns please have your presence in the protest an let the district know about our protest and help us in making it more successful.

For any queries contact us.

Email: or call us at 9901966519.

Venue: Belthangady Thaluk office

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