Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Padayathra held to pray for justice in support of Soujanya

Mangalore: “Soujanya family should get justice and government should initiate CBI investigation in to the case. We have taken Padayathra to god, who is a supreme power, to pray for justice” said, Sri Kemaru Shri Eesha Vithal Das Swamiji.

The padayathra organized by Praja Prabhutva Vedike had commenced from the house of Soujanya Pangala on Sunday, concluded at Kadri Sri Manjunatheshwara Temple, on Monday.

Speaking to media Swamiji said, Padayatra was conducted to create awareness regarding Soujanya case. Even government should seriously think about this case, he added.

President of Paja Prabhuthva Vedike, Mahesh Shetty Thimarodi said, politicians systematically tried to close the Soujanya case with the help of officials.

“People are just informed that the case has been handed over to CBI, but there is no update about the stage of investigation. In further days, we may have to gather people across the rural area in Belthangady, to begin a big Padayathra. Efforts are going on in many quarters to curb this struggle. We won’t bend to any of these efforts”, he said. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Mangalore ; Soujanya's parent's visit kadri temple

Mangalore, Jan 26: Soujanya's parent's visited  kadri temple  in mangalore, to seek justice for their daughter. They took out a padayatra from  Dharmasthala to Mangalore demanding justice for their daughter.They prayed  god to ward off difficulties and impart justice.

Sri Esha Vittaldas Swamiji of Kemar Sandeepani Ashram  seer said he has been with the parents of Sowjanya in their fight for justice  without bowing to any pressure.

Continuing, he said “People even used to dread to put up banners seeking justice in Sowjanya case. But now, pro-Sowjanya banners are seen in every village revealing that there is a social awareness on the issue.”

Hindu leader Mahesh Shetty Timarodi said that the state's chief minister should first set right the police department which had protected  those who were involved in sexual assault and murder of Soujanya.

On October 9, 2012, 17-year-old Sowjanya was allegedly raped and murdered. The PU II student was last seen by her uncle near the Nethravati bus stop while she was returning home from college.Her body was found the next day. The police arrested Santhosh Rao in connection with the case. But Sowjanya's family feels that the case has been manipulated and the real culprits are yet to be arrested.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sowjanya case: Dheeraj, Mallik, Udaya Jain suspect hidden motive behind allegation

Dheeraj Kella, Mallik Jain and Udaya Jain of Dharmasthala have alleged that the parents of Sowjanya who have accused them in the  rape and murder case of their daughter, have only made  arbitrary allegation without any proof.

Speaking to the media here on January 8, Wednesday, the three also  challenged Sowjanya’s parents to swear in the presence of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Manjunatha and other deities.
The three said the reputation of their families have been tarnished ever since they have been fixed  in the case. They have also suspected a hidden motive behind the allegations made against them by Sowjanya’s parents.
Further, they said  “Our names have been used during meetings and gatherings, but there is no formal complaint lodged in the first three month by Sowjanya’s parents. Their statements have no base and are partial. We are innocent and upset with the developments. Our families too are living in mental strain.”

Courtesy: News Karnataka