Saturday, 27 April 2013

Belthangady candidates vow to demand CBI probe into Sowjanya case, suspicious deaths in Dharmasthala

The Congress, BJP as well as the CPI(M) candidates who are contesting elections from Belthangady have vowed that if elected they would demand a CBI probe into the 452 cases of suicides and 16 murders reported from Dharmasthala, Ujire including the Sowjanya rape and murder case. They have also said that they are committed to oppose the Netravathi River Diversion Project and that they would demand a permanent compensation package to Endosulfan affected people.
At a face-to-face meet with candidates of various parties in the fray in Belthangady, held under the aegis of Nagarika Seva Trust, Guruvayanakere and other organizations on April 24, Wednesday the candidates namely K Vasanth Bangera(Congress), Prabhaker Shetty Uppadka(on behalf of BJP candidate) and BM Bhat(CPIM) candidate, have revealed their stance on the issues.
Vasanth Bangera who spoke assured to fulfill the demands and aspirations of people of his constituency.
CPI(M) candidate BM Bhat said the parry has been fighting for justice to womensubject to atrocities including the Sowjanya rape and murder case and added the party leaders would also raise the Sowjanya issue in the Parliament.
The BJP candidate’s representative who also spoke, said the BJP was strongly against the Netravathi River Diversion Project.
Chennakeshava, the BSP candidate, Rajashree S Hegde, JD(S) candidate, Venkatesh Bende of BJP and Sukesh Kumar Jain of KJP however had abstained from the

Source:  The Canara Times.