Wednesday, 17 September 2014

An Open Letter To Sreenath R Prabhu

Dear Sreenath R Prabhu Ujire,

This is with regard to you and your fake profile YM ADMIN which you have been using to spew venom on 
Justice For Sowjanya campaigners to demotivate the ongoing struggle. I suggest you to walk out of your clinic once by leaving behind the Petadharis offered luxury car to give a round of visit to entire Belthangady thaluk. I hope you would come to know who has been disrupting the harmony of people of this thaluk since 30 years or more (you better read it as even before Bhuvith Shetty's birth). And to be more precise, I didn't swallow poor peasants lands to be an immediate landlord. I'm not the one who used certain 'ism' to shatter entire thaulk with feudalism. I wasn't the one who kept on butchering the innocents to wash off the crimes. Well, you can now assume, who played with the feelings of people of Belthangady Thaluk. 


Yes, our blog/page did attract the youths(you better read it as - JFS has got the support of 48 country's citizens). That might have been itching you just because of our online campaign several main stream daily's had reported Sowjanya's gruesome rape and murder. And became a national issue. That too was way back two years. I am sharing TOI's piece on our campaign which was published on Dec 31, 2012.

Give a read if you're permitted to read it by the people who paid you to write an open letter to me

 Youth launches online campaign for Ujire rape victim

And to make someone prey, neither I belong to that reputed family of Belthangady nor I'm a doctor like you. Even now I am not affiliated to any political parties, though I backed a certain political party during LS election as it was just to back our movement to gain some support from the up coming govt as we didn't wan't lag behind from that influential family of Belthangady in this struggle. 

Calling me a Bhasmasura proves, how highly you were paid to attack me with an imbecile post you have thrown on YM ADMIN's timeline. Kudos to you! I believe you are a practicing Hindu, unlike your masters who are non Hindus in real, and they have been using Hinduism and Hindu gods to achieve their predetermined desires and conquer the entire Belthangady thaluk with feudalism. You know it better, Bhasmasura was the one who played with poor lives and created many of his imprints to ruin this world. Probably its you and your masters are doing such a disgraceful campaign with a series of crimes.

Well, the world had acknowledged our efforts, Sowjanya's parents appreciated us and the people of this district have realized what is 'seeking justice' and what is 'rape'. I seriously don't understand a person who never sought justice for Sowjanya's rape and murder has the right to tell me "why are you raping the emotions of her parents?". Have some blood in your eyes Mr. Shreenath before you ridicule us for what we have done to get the much needed justice. Whatever we did was only for 'Sowjanya' and how can trying to bring smile on that poor Pangala's parents face be termed as rape? Would you have said the same if your own daughter had lost her life that way? Mark my words, you can call me and my team for help even if such a shame persists in Belthangady with your family members.

In your letter you have proved it that you are an obedient disciple of him by blaming me for defaming your master and temple's name. I ask you, where exactly did you see a denigrating post on either temple or on your master? When the Faceboook campaign went on fire that forced your master to resist us. He had no other ways to pull us down. So he lodged FIR on me and few other justice seekers to degrade our efforts. Actually you became your own master's prey. You should have seen the clarification I gave regarding the allegation on me of defaming the temple name.
Here are the screenshots to prove we are not involved in insulting Dharmasthala temple

Above is the link to prove the allegations made by your master was baseless. I would have filed a defamation case on your master for that fake FIR. But I'm not made for that. Though I do not carry an inch of respect now for your master, I carry enormous respect for Lord Manjunatha. You must be remembering how an attempt to lower our voice by lodging FIR on us backfired at you people. We paid back you people in full by holding a massive protest in my own town that too with the blessings of Lord Manjunatha.

Link - Justice for Sowjanya: Protest reaches Bantwal, students join in

And you must check this too, how frustrated master of you stooped to such a filthy level to resist our protest. He should have known it that one can't wash off blood stains with blood. Check the below link.

Justice for Sowjanya activist fatally knocked down by car of Dharmasthala employee

And you seems to have more concerned on other issues when people are getting killed and raped in your own thaluk. I fought for Sowjanya. You should have done it for Rathna Kottary too. Right? What you have done except writing nonsense online letters sitting on your clinic cabin? Shame on you for being a slave of that person. More shame on you for dancing according to the beats of him. Who is in fact a Jain who has no rights to monitor our temple. Have you ever questioned yourself why can't Hindus have the authority to run a Jain temple? You will never, unless and until you push yourself from that artificial false world of Hindutva and release yourself from the clutches of that influential people.

When it comes to Hinduism I have more righteousness than you. Kindly, refrain yourself from calling me 'pseudo secular'. Pseudo secularism is going to Ajmeer Dargah and wearing a skullcap. That too holding a top most position of VHP. 
Wearing a skullcap to appease whom? You must know that even your NaMo denied to do so. Disgracefully that was blatantly done by your master. Being the part of VHP's youth wing Bajarangdal, I feel ashamed to have such a chameleon in our patriotic organisation who could turn up to both sides according to his need.

Again, regarding your allegation on me of defaming temple name - you may not know, I was the one who objected DYFI for its intent of encashing JFS movement to malign temple name. And that red party had circulated a pamphlet saying I am an agent of Dharmasthala.

Also, I didn't find any sense in your comparison of Sri Raghaveshwara sri with your master. Please do not try again to insult Raghaveshwara Sri with such an awful comparison with a feudalist. And before going gaga over Gaza and Israel please do mind enough to stop happening killings in your own town by Petadhari's disciples. That's what Belthangady needs from you people.

Neither I'm ashamed this, that or whatever comes in the future nor with the letter you have written to me through your fake Facebook profile. I'm proud of what I did and what I have been doing. Hence, I request you, not to mock anyone without having prior knowledge on the issue. I hope Sri Narendra Modi will also help endangered Hindus of Belthangady from Jain faced predators.

Hope you will have the courage to read the clarifications I passed. May the good Lord Manjunatha enrich your perceiving ability and take you one step ahead than what you are now. A keyboard warrior.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A tribute to late Sowjanya

October 9, 2012. Remember this day?


Yes, its been 2 years since we have been striving hard to get the much needed justice to bring smile on that unfortunate Pangala's families face. Putting aside all the struggles we had faced on her of fighting against the reputed criminals of this district, here we have decided to give a tribute to that brave-heart.

Despite the restless protest we had last year, the case could reach only up to CBI. And we doubt the genuity and transparency of the investigation which could be disturbed by the influential people of the district who have been facing allegation of rape and murder charge. So, we have been trying to make this case go beyond state frontier so that our cry for justice will be heard by PM or someone related to present Govt. Along with this attempt all we can do now is to put this case on Maa Durga's feet for whom the Pangala family has utmost faith. 

Our letter to Hon'ble Prime Minister 

As Mahesh Shetty Thimarodi says for we the campaigners Sowjanya proved to be a Durgi (Durgi - who is against injustice).

Just because of her 462 other unnatural death cases happened in Dharmasthala came into the lightHence, we the campaigning team has decided to organise 'Chandika Yaaga' on her name offering yaga to Maa Durga, praying justice to prevail as soon as possible on October 10, 2014.

Yaga will be conducted in Ujire and 1008 married women will perform it by reciting the verses from the durga Sapthasathi and offering oblations in to the sacrificial fire.

Tvaya Etad Dharyate Vishwam
Tvaya Etat Sriyate Jagat
Tvaya Etat Palyate Devi
Tvam Atsy Ante Ca Sarvada

(By you this universe is born, by you this universe is created, by you it is protected oh Devi, and you always consume it at the end.)

Please do have your presence at this event. 

Cant forget her!


Soujanya murder case needs no introduction. The maximum publicity gained case in 2013-14 . No doubt! This is the first rape and murder case making the localities to worry about the security of their ladies. If any outsider who is unaware of this case or with half information this article can help him. Soujanya, a innocent girl from a lower middle class family of Belthangadi. A pu girl having colourful dreams of teenage never predicted that her life will end up with a disaster. October 9, 2012 turned a deadly day to her.

I must say a black day for South Canara. A dead body of Soujanya was found in the forest near by her home. Though we heard many rape cases in the past year, localities were shocked to know a murder of a minor. Because its South Canara which is known as the district of literates, intellectuals and well mannered citizens. Within few days, a mentally ill person Mr Santhosh was accused and arrested for this murder. The names of prominent personalities were heard from the beginning of the case. But who dares to speak? The uncensored photos of the victim were making the people to agitate for justice.

The politicians, few news channels and newspapers stood to support the suspicious personalities than raising voice for Soujanya. To handover a case to the CBI, the time taken by the state Government was one year. There were many efforts to destroy the evidence. The Facebook page Justice For Kumari Soujanya has earned great support from the localities.  The present and past Government have similar stand on this case. In the beginning month, a special team of CBI has arrived to Belthangadi to investigate. Justice to Soujanya is the justice to every girl of this region. The support shown by the public to every protest in the name of Soujanya was stupendous. Its well said, “Working hands are better than praying lips”, Can we lend our hands to work for those women who are deprived of justice?

Author - Shruthi PK