Thursday, 10 January 2013

Why are Karkala leaders silent on Sowjanya case?

If the public outrage against the Sowjanya rape and murder case is growing all over the district with protests being staged on a daily basis, it is surprising to note the silence of Congress and BJP leaders of Karkala on this issue.
Incidentally, the lone person arrested in the Sowjanya case, Santosh Rao hails from Karkala. Even when there is a strong suspicion if he was the actual accused, not even a single politician of Karkala has chosen to speak on the issue.
Questions are being raised as to why the politicians of Karkala who had no hesitation in protesting against the Mangalore homestay attack, have now remained tightlipped in Sowjanya case. Is it because that the protests in this case would not reap any political gain? People are wondering.

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