Monday, 4 February 2013

Facebook Page 'Justice For Kumari Sowjanya' protested demanding CBI probe into Sowjanya's Case.

On February 4, our Facebook page Justice For Kumari Sowjanya did participate in the protest which was organized by DYFI.

The core appeal raised by our facebook team was to handover the decaying Sowjanya's Death and Murder case to the CBI since there has been no progress in her case. It's been almost 4 months since Sowjanya had got raped brutally in the Pangala forest.

Our team mate, Sathish Salian delivered a speech on behalf of the entire facebook team and he said, the current society is full of stereotyped people who doesn't mind dancing to the beats of some media's which makes a mountain out of a molehill. He further said, the way students of St. Agnes and St. Aloysius students came out to the streets standing against to the Mangalore Resort Attack was indeed a jaw dropping, while their reaction to Sowjanya's case was a Big Zero. ?

He added, Our Mangalore's so called reputed College students(KMC) have the heart of lighting up candles for Delhi gruesome rape victim Damini, but they clearly ignored Sowjanya. What makes them to ignore the things which happens around us? Is that because of they badly rely on paid media's or they lack the heart which beats for poor people?

Sathish Salian has questioned the manhood of the Police officers in his speech. He said, let them confess that they can't make this case clear, and hand it over to CBI. There are 416 suicide cases already registered in Belthangady and 16 murder cases as well. This clearly shows how inefficient our cops are.

He appealed the organizers that, lets not fear for anything and we should make our numbers large by gaining the attentions of many people, and facebook page " Justice For Kumari Sowjanya " will always assist the protesters.

- Bhuvith Shetty

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