Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Times Of India Recognized our campaign for Sowjanya.

It's been 2 months since Sowjanya's death (The facebook page for Sowjanya was created on Oct 14) we have not received any main stream media support. Yet, we will never forget the supports rendered by local papers like Karavali Ale, Lankesh Pathrike and Jaya Kirana. But to educate and let know people across the country about this brutal rape and murder of a minor girl Sowjanya, we were badly in the need of some reputed media attentions. We kept on writing on our Facebook page (Justice For Kumari Sowjanya ) about the ignorance of main stream media towards this.

On December 27, 2012, Deepthi Shridhar of Bangalore Mirror wrote "Online Campaigns For Sowjanya" in her column. I must say, this helped us to get some other media attentions some how.

On 2 January 2013, Vinobha K T of Times Of India wrote an article on under the head of Mangalore region, where he started off with headline, "Youth launches an online campaign for Ujire Rape victim'

TOI article:

An online campaign seeking justice for Nirmala (name changed), the minor girl who was found raped and murdered on October 9 at Pangala near Dharmasthala, attracts large number of youths.

Delhi gang rape has triggered uproar not only on the streets of the Capital city, but it also has echoed in social networking sites facebook, twitter etc. Similarly, facebook page for Nirmala, 17, II PU student of SDM College, Ujire, too is being attracted by many who express their anger over the delayed investigation. More than 4,000 people liked the page, which was created on October 14, and the wall has been filled with comments seeking justice in Nirmala's murder case.

Though Sowjanya's parents claim that she was also a gang rape victim, the police had come to a conclusion by arresting Santhosh Rao. "That (rape and murder) shows how much we are safe in our country... Let her soul rest in peace.." reads one of the comments.

"I totally appreciate your move. It is really a great work and is the need as well. We should fight against this. We will be with you. Lets go ahead," wrote student Mahesh Kumar on the wall.

"We feel so ashamed at what they did to you (Nirmala). You need to get justice if your soul has to rest in peace," Yogesh Gupta, executive director of a company wrote from Melbourne.

Shafi Bantwal from Riyadh has a different take on Nirmala's case. "The culprits wanted to hand over the case to COD. Because, after some years COD will provide a B report and people will forget the victim."

Nishmita Rai, a student, told TOI that online campaigns through facebook, twitter and other social networking medias motivates youths and provide platform to discuss. "Youth needs to launch parallel agitation to put pressure on the government," she added.

It may be recalled that parents of Nirmala had alleged that she was murdered after a 'gang rape' by at least three or more persons. Parents of the minor girl had made the allegation before Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights chairman HR Umesh Aradhya during his recent visit.

Bhuvith Shetty


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