Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sowjanya case continue to hog limelight ; banners appear in Bantwal

BANTWAL : If the Sowjanya rape and murder case reported from Dharmasthala almost two months ago had sent shockwaves all over the district, developments of late indicate that the public anguish against this case has gradually seen a rise.

Though the people of Dharmasthala, Ujire and its vicinity had taken to the streets the very next day of the incident, they had slowly backtracked probably owing to the influence of some external forces or some other reason, even while being aware that the death of Sowjanya can no way be justified. But, Karavali Ale eveninger and The Canara Times, through their series of reports continued their crusade for justice in this case wherein a young life came to an abrupt and brutal end. Though the reports were successful in enlightening the society to some extent, it is an entirely different matter that some vested interests had taken these public interest reports from a different angle.

But, the discerning and enlightened populace of the district, seem to have risen to the occasion and are trying to fight for justice in Sowjanya case.

Of late banners under the heading “ Is this death justifiable?” (Ee Saavu Nyaayave?) have appeared in some places of Bantwal Taluk. The banners have placed forth several questions –“Has the Sowjanya death case being hushed up ? Where is the Women’s Commission which otherwise appears in the scene even when some trivial case is reported? Why has the ‘young politicians’ group which had organized itself against the homestay and pub attack case, remained silent in Sowjanya case? Series of murders and thousands of questions with no answer. Has our police system and judiciary failed? These are not questions, but our fear.”

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