Friday, 18 April 2014

Whatever we did was only for 'Sowjanya'.

I could see many people vomiting so much venom on us for posting some pro Narendra Modi posts. Some are blaming we are going out of the context that the page has been misused for political gain. Some abused Sri Mahesh Shetty Thimarodi for declaring his support to Modi ji.

Let me throw few questions at you in return.

1. Apart Facebook, how many times you had involved yourself in the public protest?

2. How many times you had been to the police station to inquire about the investigation status?

3. How many times you been to Sowjanya's home to console her parents.

4. How many cases you have it on you for seeking justice for Sowjanya?

5. You must know, how Kemaru Sri and Mahesh Shetty Thimarodi struggled to bring Sowjanya case to limelight. Only they could explain the troubles they had faced. And just few posts about a party that too keeping in mind Sowjanya's Case you hall have forgot the efforts we did?

Dear abusers, we didn't limit our efforts just to Facebook. We did step down to the streets, participated in many protests as well.We had organised few protests too. We had to experience sleepless nights to do so. What we got in return was cases on us for fighting for Justice.

Our team firmly believes in Narendra Modi who can render the justice, or at least he can intervene the ongoing CBI probe. Our agenda is not carrying a basket to make money using Sowjanya's name. We have a vision. We believe that Modi Sarkar can do better to this nation, ultimately our appeal for justice will be heard.

Its easy to comment, post, abuse and harm and do anything being a 'Keyboard Warrior'. We had felt the heat of the trouble. Whenever we were pushed down to stop the campaign, we didn't give it up. Some lured us, some threatened. We didn't fall for anything. I hope one day, this page will get the justice for what it's been fighting.

Even if you think we were wrong, we beg apologies from those people who have the rights to blame us. No regrets for what we have done. Whatever we did was only for 'Sowjanya'.

Thank you!

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