Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sowjanya case: Dheeraj, Mallik, Udaya Jain suspect hidden motive behind allegation

Dheeraj Kella, Mallik Jain and Udaya Jain of Dharmasthala have alleged that the parents of Sowjanya who have accused them in the  rape and murder case of their daughter, have only made  arbitrary allegation without any proof.

Speaking to the media here on January 8, Wednesday, the three also  challenged Sowjanya’s parents to swear in the presence of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Manjunatha and other deities.
The three said the reputation of their families have been tarnished ever since they have been fixed  in the case. They have also suspected a hidden motive behind the allegations made against them by Sowjanya’s parents.
Further, they said  “Our names have been used during meetings and gatherings, but there is no formal complaint lodged in the first three month by Sowjanya’s parents. Their statements have no base and are partial. We are innocent and upset with the developments. Our families too are living in mental strain.”

Courtesy: News Karnataka

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