Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Massive Protest in Mangalore Nehru Maidan (Images)

"It is really shameful that the state government handed over Sowjanya's case to the CBI only after Dharmasthala Dharmadhikari Dr Veerendra Heggade wrote to the chief minister. After destroying all the evidences in the case, now the government has handed over the case to CBI. From past 13 months even though there were doubts in the minds of the people regarding the rape and murder of Sowjanya, Dr Heggade couldn’t demand for CBI probe, but after the destruction of evidences in the case he asked the government to assign the case to the CBI," said Mahesh Shetty Thimarodi, president of Praja Prabhutva Vedike.

He was addressing a mass protest campaign demanding justice for Sowjanya, who was the found raped and murdered near Dharmasthala in October 2012. The protest was organized by Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Praja Prabhutva Vedike at Nehru Maidan here on Saturday November 9.
"Representatives are elected by the common people. They should have responded to the pain of the people but in this case our representatives were in favour of Dr Heggade. Hence the curse of Annappa and Manjunatha Swamy will surely be on those who supported injustice. The mission of Praja Prabhutva Vedike is to provide justice to the oppressed, which we are doing in the case of Sowjanya," he said.
Slamming the inefficiency of police department in handling the case, Thimarodi said, "When people are oppressed, the system remains mute, there is no justice, and all representatives are in the hands of the powerful lot, hence common people are compelled into becoming Naxals. In Dharmasthala there are several problems, and moreover in the name of Dharma, the place has witnessed several unnatural deaths. If the area where Sowjanya was found is searched thoroughly, many more human remains may be found. When there are several rapes and murders who will question them? They are trying to finish me too."
"Our struggle does not have any vested interest but we only aim to provide justice to Sowjanya and bring all unnatural deaths and land mafia under probe with the supervision of Supreme Court. I pledge to bring all their acts of injustice in front of the public," he declared.
"If Dr Heggade keeps away people like Prathap Simha and Keshava Belal, then people will respect his decision. If he had demanded CBI probe right from the beginning, people would have supported and revered him more," he added.
Kemaru Sri Esha Vittaldas Swamiji in address said, “To achieve something we need to sacrifice something. We are in a state of corruption because of corrupted officers. This gathering is not a showcase public support but it is a fight against injustice. I will always be ready to sacrifice my life for the struggle for justice. Dharma should be in practice, not in words."

Vishnumurthy Bhat social activist in his address said, “Our revolution is not to defame Dharmasthala, but it is a fight against injustice. We are not defaming Shree Dharmasthala Kshetra but they themselves have done it in the name of religion by doing injustice to people."
He lauded daijiworld for its coverage of the case and said, "When we organized our press meet recently, some media failed to cover the news, but daijiworld by carrying it brought the case to the attention of readers throughout the world."
He also alleged that the police department probed the case in a shoddy manner and tried to destroy evidences. "But no one can curtail our revolution. It will go on till we get justice," he added.

Social activist Amrutha Shetty Athradi in her address said “In Tulunadu a woman is respected and revered because she is divine, one who can give birth to a living being. This time we need to look back into the history of revolutions and see how people are suppressed. We have already belled the cat. Mistakes are common, but if they are repeated twice, thrice then they become blunders, and one who supports the blunders becomes a sinner. Hence, people need to start agitating against injustice. Tears of Tulunadu women will curse these evils. Death of Sowjanya is not an end but it is the beginning of struggle."

On this occasion Padmalatha’s father Devananda, Sowjanya’s mother Kusumavathi, Dr Harale expressed their grief and sufferings.
Chandappa Gowda was present. Ravi Poojary welcomed the gathering.

Photo courtesy: Daya Kukkaje

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