Saturday, 19 October 2013

Banner in Guruvayanakere Seeking Justice for Sowjanya Found Damaged.

As demands for justice for the family of Sowjanya, the 18-year-old college girl who was sexually assaulted and murdered just over a year ago, have been steadily snowballing, an incident which is likely to create social rift has taken place in Guruvayanakere near here.

A banner had been put up in the middle of shopping area in the name of devotees of Annappa Swamy and Manjunatha Swamy, the twin reigning deities of Dharmasthala. Miscreants appeared to have burnt the banner late Wednesday night.

When the fire was about to spread to a nearby shop, the fire brigade was informed and they prevented further damage. A police complaint has been filed in the matter.
Although the police say that it was an accidental fire, since the banner was put up quite high, such a possibility was quite unlikely, felt many citizens.

In replacement of the burnt one, a fresh banner has been put up on Thursday morning.

A report. 

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